Configuring the vGW Series Backup and Restore Feature

The vGW Series provides a backup and restore feature that you can use to create and store multiple backups of your vGW Security Design VM configuration and easily restore a back up version. This topic explains how to configure settings for it. It also explains what you must do after you restore a backup version of the vGW Security Design VM.

To define settings to determine how backup and restore is done for your vGW Security Design VM.

  1. From the vGW Security Design VM Settings module Appliances Settings section, select System Settings Backup.
  2. In the Backup Settings pane Backup Location section, specify where you want the backup to be stored:
    • Network File System Share (NFS)
    • Windows File System Share (CIFS or SMB)

      If you want to use the Windows Files System (Common Internet File System (CIFS) Server Message Block SMB) as the file store, specify the following information:

      • The name of the host and its path.
      • The user name and password used to access the file share.
      • Click Backup before software update if you want to initiate a backup of the configuration before the vGW Series software is updated, for example, from Version x to Version x, SPx.
  3. Enter how many backup versions of your configuration you want to create and write to your file share in the Number of backups to keep box.
  4. Optionally , click the Enabled Backup Scheduling check box to schedule when to back up your configuration.
    1. If you select Daily, specify a time of day.
    2. If you specify Weekly, select the day and time of day.
    3. If you select Monthly, select the day of the month and time of day.
  5. Click Save to save your backup configuration definition.
  6. To back up your configuration immediately, click Backup Now.

The Restore Settings pane shown in Figure 102 allows you to use either of two methods to restore your backup files.

Figure 102: Backup-and-Restore Restore Settings Pane

Backup-and-Restore Restore Settings Pane

You can:

Warning: After you restore the vGW Security Design VM, you must reconfigure high availability it. See the following procedure.

After you restore the vGW Security Design VM:

  1. Verify that it is working properly.
  2. Cancel the standby vGW Security Design VM.
  3. Reconfigure high availability for the restored vGW Security Design VM.

    For details on how to reconfigure high availability, see Installing and Configuring a Secondary vGW Security Design VM for High Availability.

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