Configuring vGW Series Installation Settings

This topic covers installation settings that you configure using the vGW Security Design VM. You use the Install Settings section of the Settings module for this purpose. The Install Settings screen contains the following panes:

In the VMSafe installation pane, you can:

For details on installing a vGW Security VM on an ESX host, see Installing vGW Security VMs on ESX/ESXi Hosts.

You can configure use of the Auto-Secure feature which when enabled automatically secures VMs and attaches security policies to them.

If you choose to secure VMs automatically, you have the option of excluding a group within the selected group from being automatically secured.

For details on securing VMs or removing them from a secured network manually, see Securing and Unsecuring Virtual Machines using the vGW Security Design VM

You can configure information that allows you to assign separate policies to individual vNICs.

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