Understanding the vGW Series Introspection VMs Tab

The Introspection VMs feature in the vGW Security Design VM lets you monitor software installed on a selected VM or on a group of VMs. You can display or hide information about the operating system and about applications running in the VM, including details about installed service packs and hotfixes. The VMs tab is useful in determining which VMs have certain types of software installed. You can use this feature to determine if software is present or absent on one or more VMs.

In the following figure, VMs in the User-Defined Groups, selected in the VM tree, are scanned to determine if they contain the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

Figure 70: vGW Series Introspection Module VMs Tab

vGW Series Introspection Module VMs Tab

There are many ways to use this feature. For example, you could use it:

To search for a specific item in the list by name or vendor, click the Name or Vendor column heading in the detail table, and then type the name of the software or vendor in the Text filter box. The list refreshes to show entries that match your text.

You can also search the system to discover VMs that contain specific software and filter by a group setting in the VM Tree. To do so, select the group in the VM Tree, and then select one or more types of software in the table. For example, select the filter VMs with presence/absence of select Applications, and then choose All Present, Any Present, All Absent, Any Absent from the menu. A list of VMs meeting your criteria appears in the lower table.

The vGW Series Introspection feature can discover installed software, regardless of firewall settings. Introspection does not rely on instantiation of the vGW Security Design VM.

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