Understanding the vGW Series Introspection Scan Status

The Introspection Scan Status tab in the vGW Security Design VM lets you monitor disk scans of one or more VMs. The vGW Series performs a full analysis of a guest VM’s disk. If multiple disks exist in the VM system, each is analyzed. This analysis uncovers installed applications, the operating system, and the service pack/patch level running on the VM.

Figure 75: vGW Series Introspection Module Scan Status Tab

vGW Series Introspection Module Scan Status Tab

The scan technology employed by the vGW Series is highly accurate—rather than a network probe, the vGW Series performs an actual read of the disk file from the hypervisor. In addition, the scan is very fast. A typical VM scan takes less than 5 minutes. Because scanning activity takes place on a snapshot of the system, it has no impact on the operational state of the VM. When the scan has completed, the snapshot is removed.

You can display current information about all scans (those complete and those still pending) or only complete or pending scans. You can also run scans manually or cancel scans in progress.

Select an option button above the table to list all scans, completed scans, or pending scans. To run a scan on a selected VM or group of VMs, select the VM or VMs in the VM Tree, and click Scan Now. To cancel a scan in progress, click Cancel Pending Scans.

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