Understanding the vGW Security Design VM Taskbar

This topic covers the taskbar that lets you select the vGW Security Design VM module to use and that lets you move from one module to another.

The vGW Security Design VM provides a modular configuration and information display structure. The taskbar includes icons representing the various modules.

Figure 17: vGW Security Design VM Taskbar

vGW Security Design VM Taskbar

Table 1 identifies the modules that the icons represent. For each module, it provides a link that you can click to go to the topic that covers the module.




For details, see:


Combines status, alerts, and network activity into a single view. It identifies the VMs that are quarantined and allows you to take action on them.

Understanding the vGW Series Main Module


Displays a network activity summary, top protocols, sources, destinations, talkers, and connections.

Understanding the vGW Series Network Module


Manages and installs policies, and displays logs.

Understanding and Using the vGW Series Firewall Module


Monitors all network traffic or a selected subset of VMs or protocols.

Understanding the vGW Series IDS Module


Protects guest VMs by detecting malware, and it quarantines affected files or VMs.

Understanding vGW Series AntiVirus


Scans systems and reports on the software running in each VM (operating systems, patch-levels, and applications).

It includes an Image Enforcer feature that allows you to specify VM templates or active VMs whose configurations are used as Gold Image comparison points. Contents of VMs are compared against the Gold Image.

Understanding the vGW Series Introspection Module


Monitors the virtual infrastructure against a predefined set of rules to guarantee all components are configured securely.

Understanding the vGW Series Compliance Module.


Produces detailed system and security reports.

Understanding the vGW Series Reports Module.


Controls configuration settings, including passwords.

Understanding the vGW Series Settings Module

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