Installing a Secondary vGW Security VM for High Availability

To install a secondary vGW Security VM, you can build another virtual machine from the original vGW Security VM. Unlike the case of creating a secondary vGW Security Design VM management center, when you create the new vGW Security VM, the vGW Series clones the existing vGW Security VM.

To clone the existing, primary vGW Security VM:

  1. Select Settings, Security Settings, Security VM Settings.
  2. Click the row for the vGW Security VM that you want to duplicate.
  3. In the High Availability pane, click Configure.
  4. Enter information for the secondary vGW Security VM. Specify the appropriate IP address information, management network, and data store location.
  5. Click Configure.

Note: It is not as important to have backups of the vGW Security VMs as it is for the vGW Security Design VM. You can deploy new vGW Security VMs from the templates, if necessary.

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