Configuring the vGW Series Network Settings

The Network Settings section of the Settings module lets you change the Host Name for the vGW Security Design VM. You can also specify whether to use DHCP or static addressing. In either case, you use this section to configure the respective IP address.

Figure 101: Network Settings

Network Settings

By default the vGW Security Design VM has only one virtual NIC (vNIC). In some cases, it may be necessary to add additional interfaces to the vGW Security Design VM, for example, if the VMware vCenter system exists on an isolated network. To add an additional vNIC to the vGW Security Design VM, add the vNIC using VMware, and configure its interface on this screen.

Note: The first interface (Interface 1) must be used to communicate with the vGW Security VMs. Additionally, you must define the interface that leads to the proper default gateway.

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