Understanding vGW Series Environment Time Synchronization

The vGW Series uses NTP to synchronize all times in the environment to ensure that all security policies, logs, and so on, are properly marked. Large time gaps resulting from improperly configured systems can cause unexpected results and make it difficult to troubleshoot the environment.

Warning: Do not edit the time settings for a vGW Security Design VM directly, including not changing the time zone. The vGW Security VMs obtain their time setting from the vGW Security Design VM. Inappropriate changes made to the vGW Security Design VM can adversely affect all vGW Security VMs.

Take care in configuring NTP when you install vGW Series. Ensure that all VMware components use valid time settings. Ensure that the internal NTP server is up and that it is functioning correctly or that outbound Internet access to an Internet time server is available.

See Configuring vGW Series Time Settings.

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