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Interpreting Traceroute Variables

This topic contains information about the ranges for the following variables that are not explicitly specified in the Traceroute MIB:

  • traceRouteCtlMaxRows—The maximum value for traceRouteCtlMaxRows is 2550. This represents the maximum TTL (255) multiplied by the maximum for traceRouteCtlProbesPerHop (10). Therefore, the traceRouteProbeHistoryTable accommodates one complete test at the maximum values for one traceRouteCtlEntry. Usually, the maximum values are not used and the traceRouteProbeHistoryTable is able to accommodate the complete history for many tests for the same traceRouteCtlEntry.
  • traceRouteMaxConcurrentRequests—The maximum value is 50. If a test is running, it has one outstanding probe. traceRouteMaxConcurrentRequests represents the maximum number of traceroute tests that have traceRouteResultsOperStatus with a value of enabled. Any attempt to start a test with traceRouteMaxConcurrentRequests tests running will result in the creation of one probe with traceRouteProbeHistoryStatus set to maxConcurrentLimitReached and that test will end immediately.
  • traceRouteCtlTable—The maximum number of entries allowed in this table is 100. Any attempt to create a 101st entry will result in a BAD_VALUE message for SNMPv1 and a RESOURCE_UNAVAILABLE message for SNMPv2.

Published: 2010-04-27

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