Technical Documentation

Monitoring Traceroute Test Completion

When a test is complete, traceRouteResultsOperStatus transitions from enabled to disabled. This transition occurs in the following situations:

  • The test ends successfully. A probe result indicates that the destination has been reached. In this case, the current hop is the last hop. The rest of the probes for this hop are sent. When the last probe result for the current hop is determined, the test ends.
  • traceRouteCtlMaxTtl threshold is exceeded. The destination is never reached. The test ends after the number of probes with TTL value equal to traceRouteCtlMaxttl have been sent.
  • traceRouteCtlMaxFailures threshold is exceeded. The number of consecutive probes that end with status requestTimedOut exceeds traceRouteCtlMaxFailures.
  • You end the test. You set traceRouteCtlAdminStatus to disabled or delete the row by setting traceRouteCtlRowStatus to destroy.
  • You misconfigured the traceroute test. A value or variable you specified in traceRouteCtlTable is incorrect and will not allow a single probe to be sent. Because of the nature of the data, this error could not be determined until the test was started; that is, until after traceRouteResultsOperStatus transitioned to enabled. When this occurs, one entry is added to traceRouteProbeHistoryTable with traceRouteProbeHistoryStatus set to the appropriate error code.

If traceRouteCtlTrapGeneration is set properly, either the traceRouteTestFailed or traceRouteTestCompleted trap is generated.

Published: 2010-04-27