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Compress the Daemon Core Files


The gzip compression utility is used to compress the files if they are large. Files created using the gzip command end with the file extension .gz. Compress the core file if it is over 50 MB.

Note: Use lowercase for the gzip command when you are in the shell.

You only need to compress the daemon core files when the tarball file is not created.


To compress the daemon core file with gzip, use the following command from the shell:

root@host% gzip daemon-executable-name.core.number

Sample Output

root@host% gzip rpd.core.0 
 gzip rpd.core.0 


The contents of the daemon core file are compressed into a single compressed file named daemon.number.gz. The gzip command preserves the mode, ownership, and timestamps of files when compressing or decompressing them.

Published: 2010-01-25

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