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Clear the NVRAM Contents


Currently the storage area for the logs on the NVRAM is limited to 4 KB. You need to delete old NVRAM logs to make room for new ones.


To clear the content of the NVRAM after you have captured the necessary information, follow these steps:

  1. Exit from the CLI environment and create a UNIX-level shell by entering the start shell command:
    user@host> start shell
  2. Type su and the root password when prompted. You are now in the shell and the prompt is % instead of >, for example:
    % su Password: ****
  3. Establish a vty session to the appropriate component. Use the vty command followed by the abbreviation for the component, for example:
    root@host% vty sfm0 SFM3(host vty)# FPC1(host vty)#
  4. Type the clear nvram command, for example:
    SFM3(host vty)# clear nvram FPC1(host vty)# clear nvram

Published: 2010-01-25

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