Technical Documentation

Saving a Rescue Configuration File

A rescue configuration file is helpful in the event that your router’s configuration file has been misconfigured. You can restore the router to this rescue configuration to bring the router back online. If you save this file off the router, the rescue configuration can also be used to restore your router in the event of a software failure.

To save a current router configuration as a rescue configuration file:

  1. Edit the configuration file on the router to reflect the base configuration you wish to use.

    For more information about editing the configuration, see the JUNOS System Basics Guide.

  2. In the CLI operational mode, save this edited base configuration as the rescue configuration file:
    user@host> request system configuration rescue save
  3. Copy the rescue configuration to a remote server:
    user@host> ftp host
    Name: username
    Password: password
    230 User user logged in.
    ftp> cd /filepath
    ftp> lcd /config
    Type set to I.
    ftp> put rescue.conf.gz
    Transfer complete.
    ftp> bye

Published: 2010-04-28