Technical Documentation

Downloading Software Using the Command-Line Interface

You download the software package you need from the Juniper Networks Support Web site at

Note: To access the download section, you must have a service contract and an access account. If you need help obtaining an account, complete the registration form at the Juniper Networks Web site:

To download the software:

  1. On the command line, initiate an FTP session with the server
  2. Log in with your customer support–supplied username and password:
    User <<none>>: username
    331 Password required for username.
    Password: password

    Once validated, the FTP session opens.

  3. Navigate to the correct software directory.

    The FTP server software download directory structure is as follows:


    Available directories include:

    • version—The software version.
      • junos
      • junos-export
      • junos-fips
    • release—The software release. For more information on release numbers, see JUNOS Software Release Numbers.
  4. Set the file transfer mode to binary:
    Type set to 1.
  5. Specify the directory in which you wish to place the file.

    On Juniper Networks servers running the JUNOS operating system, installation files are typically placed in the /var/tmp directory. If you are placing the file on a remote system, you must make sure that the file can be accessed by the router using HTTP, FTP, or scp.

    lcd /var/tmp
    Local directory now /var/tmp.
  6. Download the installation file:
    get <filename>
  7. Close the FTP session:

Published: 2010-04-28