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Backing Up the Current Installation (J Series Routers)

You should back up the current installation so that you can return to the current software installation. In a dual Routing Engine system, you need to back up both Routing Engines. This section covers the following:

The installation process using the installation package (junos-jsr*) removes all stored files on the router except the juniper.conf and SSH files. Therefore, you should back up your current configuration in case you need to return to the current software installation after running the installation program.

These instructions offer the minimum steps required to create a backup during the installation process. For a complete description of the backup process on the J Series routers, see the J Series Services Router Administration Guide and the JUNOS Software Systems Basics Configuration Guide.

To back up the JUNOS Software on the J Series routers:

  1. Attach an external memory device to the router.

    Note: Even when attached to a J Series router, the USB memory device is not listed as a storage device in the show system storage CLI command output. You can view the installed USB memory device on the J-Web interface’s system monitor screen.

  2. Issue the request system snapshot media usb command.

    The current software installation and configuration are saved on the external USB storage device.

Published: 2010-04-28