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The real-time performance monitoring (RPM) information includes the round-trip time, jitter, and standard deviation values for each configured RPM test on the routing platform. To view these RPM properties, select Troubleshoot > RPM in the J-Web interface.

Table 1 shows a summary of the information displayed on the RPM page and the corresponding CLI show command you can enter at the J-Web CLI terminal.

Table 1: RPM Information and Corresponding CLI show Command

Information Displayed

Corresponding CLI Command

Results of the most recent RPM probes.

show services rpm probe-results

In addition to the RPM statistics for each RPM test, the J-Web interface displays the round-trip times and cumulative jitter graphically. Figure 1 shows sample graphs for an RPM test.

Figure 1: Sample RPM Graphs

Image s030039.gif

In Figure 1, the round-trip time and jitter values are plotted as a function of the system time. Large spikes in round-trip time or jitter indicate a slower outbound (egress) or inbound (ingress) time for the probe sent at that particular time.

Published: 2010-04-29

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