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Getting J-Web Help

The J-Web interface provides two ways to display Help for the Monitor, Configure Troubleshoot, and Maintain, tasks.

To get Help in the J-Web interface:

  • Field-sensitive Help—Move the cursor over the question mark (?) next to the field for which you want more information. The system displays useful information about the field. Typically, this Help includes one line of information about what this field does or what you must enter in a given text box. For example, Help for the Peer Autonomous System Number field states, “the value should be a number between 1 and 65535.”
  • Context-sensitive Help—Click Help in the taskbar to open a separate page displaying the summary of all the fields on that page. To exit Help, close the page. You can navigate Help pages using hypertext links connecting related topics, or click the following options (if available) at the top and bottom of each page. Figure 1 shows Help for the CoS Configuration page.
    • Prev—Access the previous page.
    • Next—Access the next page.
    • Report an Error—Access a form for providing feedback.

Figure 1: CoS Help Page

Image s041178.gif

Published: 2010-04-29

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