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Starting a One-Way ETH-DM Session

To start a one-way Ethernet frame delay measurement session, enter the monitor ethernet delay-measurement one-way command from operational mode, and specify the peer MEP by its MAC address or by its MEP identifier.

For example:

user@host> monitor ethernet delay-measurement one-way 00:05:85:73:39:4a maintenance-domain md6 maintenance-association ma6 count 10
One-way ETH-DM request to 00:05:85:73:39:4a, Interface xe-5/0/0.0
1DM Frames sent : 10
--- Delay measurement statistics ---
Packets transmitted: 10
Average delay: NA, Average delay variation: NA
Best case delay: NA, Worst case delay: NA

Note: If you attempt to monitor delays to a nonexistent MAC address, you must type Ctrl + C to explicitly quit the monitor ethernet delay-measurement command and return to the CLI command prompt.

Published: 2010-04-20

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