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Restarting the pgcpd Process Running on the Routing Engine

Caution: We recommend that you do not restart the software process unless instructed to do so by a Juniper Networks customer support engineer. A restart might cause the router to drop calls and interrupt transmission.

Three options are available when you restart the pgcpd process that is running on the Routing Engine:

  • gracefully—Restart the software process after calls have ended.
  • immediately—Immediately restart the software process.
  • soft— Reread and reactivate the configuration without completely restarting the software process.

To restart the pgcpd process, enter the restart pgcp-service command in operational mode:

user@host>restart pgcp-service immediately

When you restart the pgcpd process, the process is stopped and then restarted.

Published: 2010-04-13

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