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Configuring a Subscriber Interface with a Static VLAN Interface

This topic describes how to configure a subscriber interface with a static VLAN interface.

After you configure the static VLAN interface, you can reference it in a dynamic profile.

To configure a subscriber interface over a VLAN:

  1. Configure the static VLAN interface and enable VLAN tagging.
    [edit interfaces]ge-5/0/0 {vlan-tagging;}
  2. Configure the units and assign the VLAN IDs.
    unit 1 {proxy-arp;vlan-id 1;family inet {unnumbered-address lo0.0 preferred-source-address;}}unit 2 {proxy-arp;vlan-id 2;family inet {unnumbered-address lo0.0 preferred-source-address;}}
  3. Associate the static subscriber interface in a dynamic profile.

    See Associating Dynamic Profiles with Statically Created Interfaces.

Published: 2010-04-15