Technical Documentation

Associating a Stacked VLAN Dynamic Profile with an Interface

To associate a stacked (dual-tag) VLAN dynamic profile with an interface:

  1. Access the interface that you want to use for creating VLANs.
    [edit interfaces]user@host# edit interfaces ge-1/0/0
  2. Edit the auto-configure stanza to automatically configure the stacked VLANs.
    [edit interfaces ge-1/0/0]user@host# edit auto-configure
  3. Edit the stacked-vlan-ranges stanza.
    [edit interfaces ge-1/0/0 auto-configure]user@host# edit stacked-vlan-ranges
  4. Specify the dynamic VLAN profile that you want the interface to use.
    [edit interfaces ge-1/0/0 auto-configure stacked-vlan-ranges]user@host# set dynamic-profile STACKED-VLAN-PROF1

Published: 2010-04-15