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Configuring Single-Level VLAN Ranges for Use with VLAN Dynamic Profiles

You configure VLAN ranges at the [edit interfaces] hierarchy level by specifying the vlan-tagging statement for the interface and defining VLAN ranges for use with a VLAN dynamic profile.

To configure a VLAN range:

  1. Access the interface over which you want to create dynamic VLANs.
    user@host# edit interfaces ge-0/0/0
  2. Specify the vlan-tagging statement to indicate that this interface is for use with stacked VLAN ranges.
    [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0]user@host# set vlan-tagging
  3. Access the VLAN [auto-configure] hierarchy level.
    [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0]user@host# edit auto-configure
  4. Access the [vlan-ranges] hierarchy level.
    [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0 auto-configure]user@host# edit vlan-ranges
  5. Access the VLAN dynamic profile for which you want to configure VLAN ranges.
    [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0 auto-configure vlan-ranges]user@host# edit dynamic-profile VLAN-PROF1
  6. Specify the VLAN ranges that you want the dynamic profile to use. The following example specifies a lower VLAN ID limit of 3000 and any upper VLAN ID limit (a range from 1 through 4094).
    [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0 auto-configure vlan-ranges]user@host# set ranges 3000-any

Published: 2010-04-15

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