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Configuring the Timer for the Backup Member to Start Using Its Own MAC Address, as Master of Virtual Chassis (CLI Procedure)

When a backup member takes control of a Virtual Chassis configuration because of a reset or other temporary failure, the backup uses the MAC address of the old master. This helps to ensure a smooth transition of mastership with no disruption to network connectivity.

The MAC persistence timer is used in situations when the master is no longer a member of the Virtual Chassis configuration, because it has been physically disconnected or removed. If the old master does not rejoin the Virtual Chassis configuration before the timer elapses, the new master starts using its own MAC address.

The default timer value is 10 minutes. There are no minimum or maximum limits.

Before you begin configuring the timer, ensure that you have at least two member switches in the Virtual Chassis configuration. To configure or modify the MAC persistence timer, use the following command:

[edit virtual-chassis]
user@switch# set mac-persistence-timer 30

    This command modifies the MAC persistence timer value to specify a timer value of 30 minutes rather than the default timer value of 10 minutes.

    Published: 2009-07-29

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