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Option: Configuring ISO or MPLS Traffic on T Series, M320, and MX Series Routers

Layer 2.5 VPNs on T Series, M320, and MX Series routers support IPv4, IS-IS, and MPLS traffic types. Layer 2.5 VPNs running on M Series routers support only IPv4 traffic. Layer 2.5 VPNs do not support IPv6.

By default, IPv4 traffic runs on T Series, M320, and MX Series routers. To configure IS-IS (ISO traffic) or MPLS traffic on Layer 2.5 VPNs, you must configure both ends of the VPN with the protocol configuration.

The same type of Layer 3 traffic must be configured on both ends of a TCC connection. By default, TCC connections carry IPv4 traffic. To specify which traffic can run over a TCC interface, include the [inet | mpls | iso] statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name encapsulation encapsulation-type logical-unit-number family tcc protocol] hierarchy level:

[edit]interfaces { interface so-2/0/0 {encapsulation ppp-tcc;
unit 0 {
family tcc {protocols [iso | inet | mpls];}}

When enabling ISO over a Layer 2.5 VPN that is configured on a CE Ethernet interface, include the [point-to-point] statement at the [edit protocols isis interface interface-name] hierarchy level:

[edit]protocols {isis {interface fe-1/0/0.0 {point-to-point;}}}

For a full explanation of Layer 2 VPNs and configuration samples, see the JUNOS VPNs Configuration Guide.

Published: 2010-04-15

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