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Configuring SNMPv3 Traps for Subscriber Secure Policy MIrroring

This topic provides an overview of the SNMPv3 configuration process as it pertains to subscriber secure policy. The steps are described in detail in Chapter 7, “Configuring SNMPv3” in the JUNOS Network Management Configuration Guide.

To configure SNMPv3 trap support for subscriber secure policy and to send the trap information to the mediation device:

  1. Configure the MIB view.

    See Configuring MIB Views.

  2. Configure the trap notification and trap notification filter. See the following topics:
  3. Configure the target device. The target device is the mediation device that receives the trap information.

    See Configuring SNMPv3 Traps on a Device Running JUNOS Software.

  4. Configure the SNMPv3 user, authentication method and password, and privacy method and password. See the following topics:
  5. Configure user access privileges to management information.

    See Defining Access Privileges for an SNMP Group.

Published: 2010-04-15

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