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Configuring RADIUS Server Support for Subscriber Secure Policy Mirroring

This topic describes how to configure RADIUS server support for the subscriber secure policy service. The RADIUS server can then initiate subscriber-based traffic mirroring. You create an access profile to specify the RADIUS server support.

To configure the router’s interaction with the RADIUS server in support of subscriber secure policy mirroring:

  1. Create the access profile and assign a name.
    [edit access]user@host# edit profile profile-name
  2. Specify RADIUS as the authentication method.
    [edit access profile profile-name]user@host# set authentication-order radius
  3. Specify the IP address of the RADIUS server that performs authentication. This server also performs dynamic request (CoA) functions.
    [edit access profile profile-name]user@host# set radius authentication-server ip-address
  4. Specify the secret to use when communicating with the RADIUS server.
    [edit access profile profile-name]user@host# set radius-server server-address secret password
  5. Specify other optional RADIUS configuration settings as needed, such as accounting support.

Published: 2010-04-15

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