Technical Documentation

Configuring a Loopback Interface for the Broadband Subscriber Management Solution

You must configure a loopback interface for use in the subscriber management access network. The loopback interface is automatically used for unnumbered interfaces.

Note: If you do not configure the loopback interface, the routing platform chooses the first interface to come online as the default. If you configure more than one address on the loopback interface, we recommend that you configure one to be the primary address to ensure that it is selected for use with unnumbered interfaces. By default, the primary address is used as the source address when packets originate from the interface.

To configure a loopback interface:

  1. Edit the loopback interface.
    [edit]user@host# edit interfaces lo0
  2. Edit the loopback interface unit.
    [edit interfaces lo0]user@host# edit unit 0
  3. Edit the loopback interface family.
    [edit interfaces lo0 unit 0]user@host# edit family inet
  4. Specify the loopback interface address.
    [edit interfaces lo0 unit 0]user@host# set address

Published: 2010-05-03