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Modifying Dynamic Profiles

You use dynamic profiles to configure large groups of subscribers. However, after you have configured and applied dynamic profiles, use caution when modifying any dynamic profiles that are in use by active subscribers on the router. This section provides guidelines and procedures for modifying existing profiles and applying them to subscriber interfaces.

When modifying dynamic profiles, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Do not modify a dynamic profile when it is in use by active subscribers.
  • Modifying a dynamic profile when it is in use by active subscribers can lead to unpredictable behavior.

When a dynamic profile is modified and committed, the router:

  1. Logs a warning that the profiles are being modified and committed.
  2. Determines whether the profile is currently being use by any subscriber.
  3. If the profile is in use by a subscriber, the commit fails and the router logs errors to report the conflict.

To properly modify a dynamic profile:

  1. Ensure that no subscribers are using the dynamic profile.
  2. Create a new dynamic profile with a different name that contains the desired changes:

    Original Profile

    profile1 {interfaces {"$junos-interface-ifd-name" {unit "$junos-underlying-interface-unit" {family inet {filter {input "$junos-input-filter";}}}}}}

    Original DHCP Configuration

    forwarding-options {dhcp-relay {traceoptions {flag all;}.......dynamic-profile profile1;........}}

    New Profile

    profile2 {interfaces {"$junos-interface-ifd-name" {unit "$junos-underlying-interface-unit" {family inet {filter {input "$junos-input-filter";output "$junos-output-filter; /* added output filter variable */}}}}}}

    Modified DHCP Configuration

    forwarding-options {dhcp-relay {traceoptions {flag all;}.......dynamic-profile profile2; /* Name changed from profile1 */........}}
  3. Commit the configuration containing the modified profile.

    The modified profile is used for any new subscribers that access the router.

Published: 2010-04-15