Technical Documentation

Configuring a Subscriber Interface Using a Set of Static IP Demux Interfaces

You can create logical subscriber interfaces from IP demux interfaces. IP demultiplexing (demux) interfaces are logical interfaces that share a common, underlying logical interface. IP demux interfaces can be used to identify specific subscribers or to separate individual circuits.

You can group individual subscriber interfaces using interface sets to provide the same level of service for a group of subscribers; for example, all residential subscribers who receive the basic data service. Interface sets can be defined as a list of logical interfaces (unit 0, unit 1, and so on).

To configure a group of static IP demux interfaces:

  1. Configure the interface set.
    interfaces {interface-set demux-set {interface demux0 {unit 0;unit 1;}}}
  2. Define the units of the interface set.
    demux0 {unit 0 {demux-options {underlying-interface ge-2/0/1.1;}family inet {demux-source {;}address;}}unit 1 {demux-options {underlying-interface ge-2/0/1.1;}family inet {demux-source {;}address;}}}

Published: 2010-04-15