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Attaching Access Profiles

After you have created the access profile that specifies the subscriber access management authentication and accounting parameters, you can attach the profile. Subscriber access management supports attaching access profiles at the following hierarchy levels:

  • [edit logical-systems logical-system-name routing-instances routing-instance-name]
  • [edit interfaces interface-name auto-configure vlan-ranges]
  • [edit interfaces interface-name auto-configure stacked-vlan-ranges]

To attach an access profile:

  1. Edit the desired hierarchy level.
    [edit] user@host# edit logical-systems LS1 routing-instances RI1
  2. Specify the name of the access profile that you want to attach.
    [edit logical-systems logical-system-name routing-instances routing-instance-name] user@host# set access-profile vz-bos-metro-fios-basic

Published: 2010-04-26

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