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Configuring Dynamic Access-Internal Routes for DHCP Subscriber Management

You can dynamically configure access-internal routes. Configuring support for access-internal variables is optional, but it ensures that if the next-hop value is missing in the Framed-Routes Attribute [22], values from the access-internal variables are used instead.

DHCP subscriber interfaces require the qualified-next-hop to identify the interface and the MAC address.

To dynamically configure access-internal routes:

  1. Specify that you want to configure the access-internal route.
    user@host# edit dynamic-profiles profile-name routing-options
  2. Configure the IP address and the qualified next-hop address as variables.
    [edit dynamic-profiles profile-name routing-options]user@host# edit access-internal route $junos-subscriber-ip-address qualified-next-hop $junos-interface-name

    Note: Prior to JUNOS Software Release 10.0, the variable used for qualified-next-hop was $junos-underlying-interface. It is now $junos-interface-name.

  3. Configure the MAC address for the qualified next-hop as a variable.
    [edit dynamic-profiles profile-name routing-options access-internal route $junos-subscriber-ip-address qualified-next-hop $junos-underlying-interface]user@host# set mac-address $junos-subscriber-mac-address

Published: 2010-04-15

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