Technical Documentation

Creating a Static Subscriber Group

You can override the configuration that is applied globally to static subscribers by creating a static subscriber group that consists of a set of statically configured interfaces. You can then apply a common configuration for the group with values different from the global values for access and dynamic profiles, password, and username.

To configure an interface group for static subscribers:

  1. Access the [edit system services static-subscribers] hierarchy level.
  2. Create the group and assign the name.
    [edit system services static-subscribers]user@host# edit group boston
  3. Specify the names of one or more interfaces on which static subscribers can be created. You can repeat the interface interface-name statement to specify multiple interfaces within the group, but you cannot use the same interface in more than one group.
    [edit system services static-subscribers group boston]user@host# set interface ge-1/0/1.1user@host# set interface ge-1/0/1.2
  4. (Optional) You can use the upto upto-interface-name option to specify a range of interfaces for a group.
    [edit system services static-subscribers group boston]user@host# set interface ge-1/0/1.3 upto ge-1/0/1.9
  5. (Optional) You can use the exclude option to exclude a specific interface or a specified range of interfaces from the group. For example:
    [edit system services static-subscribers group boston]user@host# interface ge-1/0/1.1 upto ge-1/0/1.102 user@host# interface ge-1/0/1.6 excludeuser@host# interface ge-1/0/1.70 upto ge-1/0/1.80 exclude

Published: 2010-04-15