Technical Documentation

Unblocking an Interface That Receives BPDUs in Error (CLI Procedure)

EX Series switches use bridge protocol data unit (BPDU) protection on interfaces to prevent them from receiving BPDUs that could trigger a spanning-tree misconfiguration. If BPDUs are received on a BPDU-protected interface, the interface transitions to a blocking state and stops forwarding frames.

After the misconfiguration that triggered the BPDUs being sent to an interface is fixed in the topology, the interface can be unblocked and returned to service.

To unblock an interface and return it to service using the CLI:

  • Automatically unblock an interface by configuring a timer that expires (here, the interface is ge-0/0/6):

    [edit ethernet-switching-options]
    user@switch# set bpdu-block disable-timeout 30 interface ge-0/0/6
  • Manually unblock an interface using the operational mode command:

    user@switch> clear ethernet-switching bpdu-error interface ge-0/0/6

    Published: 2009-07-28