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Configuring Route Filters and Source Classes in a Routing Policy

Begin configuring SCU by creating prefix route filters in a policy statement. These prefixes indicate the IPv4 or IPv6 source addresses to monitor. Within the policy statement, you must define and name the source classes attached to the filters.

[edit policy-options]policy-statement policy-name {term term-name {from {route-filter address/prefix;}then source-class class-name;}}

An alternate configuration method, using the forwarding-class policy action, is even more flexible. It allows your IPv4 or IPv6 route filters to apply to an SCU profile, a DCU profile, or both simultaneously. Additionally, if you have only one term, you can implement the from and then statements at the [edit policy-options policy-statement policy-name] hierarchy level.

[edit policy-options]policy-statement policy-name {from {route-filter orlonger;}then forwarding-class class-name;}

A third option is the existing DCU parameter of destination-class. For more information on DCU, see the JUNOS Policy Framework Configuration Guide.

Published: 2010-04-15

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