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Configuring the SNMPv3 Trap Notification

The notify statement specifies the type of notification (trap) and contains a single tag. The tag defines a set of target addresses to receive a trap. The tag list contains one or more tags and is configured at the [edit snmp v3 target-address target-address-name] hierarchy level. If the tag list contains this tag, JUNOS Software sends a notification to all the target addresses associated with this tag.

To configure the trap notifications, include the notify statement at the [edit snmp v3] hierarchy level:

[edit snmp v3]notify name {tag tag-name;type trap;}

name is the name assigned to the notification.

tag-name defines the target addresses that are sent this notification. All the target-addresses that have this tag in their tag list are sent this notification. The tag-name is not included in the notification.

trap is the type of notification.

Note: Each notify entry name must be unique.

JUNOS Software supports two types of notification: trap and inform.

For information about how to configure the tag list, see Configuring the Tag List.

Published: 2010-04-27