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Minimum SNMPv3 Configuration on a Device Running JUNOS Software

To configure the minimum requirements for SNMPv3, include the following statements at the [edit snmp v3] and [edit snmp] hierarchy levels:

[edit snmp]view view-name {oid object-identifier (include | exclude);}[edit snmp v3]notify name {tag tag-name;}notify-filter profile-name {oid object-identifier (include | exclude);}snmp-community community-index {security-name security-name;}target-address target-address-name {address address;target-parameters target-parameters-name;}target-parameters target-parameters-name {notify-filter profile-name;parameters {message-processing-model (v1 | v2c | v3);security-level (authentication | none | privacy);security-model (usm | v1 | v2c);security-name security-name;}}usm {local-engine {user username {}}}vacm {access {group group-name {default-context-prefix {security-model (any | usm | v1 | v2c) {security-level (authentication | none | privacy) {notify-view view-name;read-view view-name;write-view view-name;}}}}}security-to-group {security-model (usm | v1 | v2c) {security-name security-name {group group-name;}}}}

Note: You must configure at least one view (notify, read, or write) at the [edit snmp view-name] hierarchy level.

Published: 2010-04-27

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