Technical Documentation

Configure Trace Operations for SNMP


Define tracing for SNMP to access more granular information about the packets sent and received through SNMP.


To configure SNMP tracing operations, follow these steps:

  1. In configuration mode, go to the following hierarchy level:
    [edit]user@R1# edit snmp
  2. Configure trace operations:
    [edit snmp]user@R1# set traceoptions flag pdu
  3. Commit the configuration:
    user@R1# commit and-quit commit completeExiting configuration mode

Sample Output

user@R1> show configuration snmp
view all {
    oid .1 include;
view system {
    oid system;
community public {
    view all;
    authorization read-only;
community private {
    view system;
    authorization read-write;
traceoptions {
    flag pdu;


The sample output shows a configuration for SNMP that includes traceoptions. The pdu flag is configured, which results in the generation of SNMP request and response packets. The output for the tracing operation is placed into various log files in the /var/log directory.

Protocol-specific tracing operations override any equivalent operations that you specify in the global traceoptions statement. If there are no equivalent operations, they supplement the global tracing options. If you do not specify any protocol-specific tracing, the routing protocol inherits all the global tracing operations.

Published: 2010-01-25