Technical Documentation

Filtering Interface Information Out of SNMP Get and GetNext Output

JUNOS Software enables you to filter out information related to specific interfaces from the output of SNMP Get and GetNext requests performed on interface-related MIBs such as IF MIB, ATM MIB, RMON MIB, and the Juniper Networks enterprise-specific IF MIB.

You can use the following options of the filter-interfaces statement at the [edit snmp] hierarchy level to specify the interfaces for which information is removed form the output of SNMP Get and GetNext queries:

  • interfaces—Interfaces that match the specified regular expressions.
  • all-internal-interfaces—Internal interfaces.
[edit]snmp {filter-interfaces {interfaces {interface1;interface2;}all-internal-interfaces;}}

However, note that these settings are limited to SNMP operations, and the users can continue to access information related to the interfaces (including those hidden using the filter-interfaces options) using the appropriate JUNOS command-line interface (CLI) commands.

Published: 2010-04-27