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Configuring SNMP on a Device Running JUNOS Software

By default, SNMP is disabled on devices running JUNOS Software. To enable SNMP on a router or switch, you must include the SNMP configuration statements at the [edit snmp] hierarchy level.

To configure the minimum requirements for SNMP, include the following statements at the [edit snmp] hierarchy level of the configuration:

[edit]snmp {community public;}

The community defined here as public grants read access to all MIB data to any client.

To configure complete SNMP features, include the following statements at the [edit snmp] hierarchy level:

snmp {client-list client-list-name {ip-addresses;}community community-name {authorization authorization;client-list-name client-list-name;clients {address restrict;}routing-instance routing-instance-name {clients {addresses;}}logical-system logical-system-name {routing-instance routing-instance-name {clients {addresses;}}}view view-name;}contact contact;description description;engine-id {(local engine-id | use-mac-address | use-default-ip-address);}filter-duplicates;health-monitor {falling-threshold integer;interval seconds;rising-threshold integer;}interface [ interface-names ];location location;name name;nonvolatile {commit-delay seconds;}rmon {alarm index {description text-description;falling-event-index index;falling-threshold integer;falling-threshold-interval seconds;interval seconds;request-type (get-next-request | get-request | walk-request);rising-event-index index;sample-type type;startup-alarm alarm;syslog-subtag syslog-subtag;variable oid-variable;}event index {community community-name;description text-description;type type;}}traceoptions {file filename <files number> <size size> <world-readable | no-world-readable> <match regular-expression>;flag flag;}trap-group group-name {categories {category;}destination-port port-number;routing-instance instance;targets {address;}version (all | v1 | v2);}trap-options {agent-address outgoing-interface;source-address address;}view view-name {oid object-identifier (include | exclude);}}

Published: 2010-04-27

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