Technical Documentation

Configuring Traffic Sampling for JUNOS SDK Applications

To enable sampling on a Multiservices PIC, include the input and family statements at the [edit forwarding-options sampling] hierarchy level:

[edit]forwarding-options {sampling {input {rate number;}family family {output {extension-service service-name {provider-specific rules;}interface ms-fpc/pic/port;}}}}

Note: You must enable the forwarding-options sampling statement for the forwarding database to be created.

The extension-service statement provides a section of the configuration hierarchy in which the provider of your SDK application may have added its own traffic monitoring configuration statements. To enable sampling for SDK applications and be able to use the configuration statements the SDK application provider may have added, you must include the extension-service statement at the [edit forwarding-options sampling output] hierarchy level. For application-specific configuration guidelines, see the documentation provided with your application.

Note: If you use the extension-service statement, the only other statement you can include at the [edit forwarding-options sampling output] hierarchy level is the interface statement. In this case, you must set the interface statement to an interface with an ms- prefix.

Published: 2010-05-09