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Configuring System Log Messages

To record or view system log messages on a specific PIC, include the syslog statement at the [edit chassis fpc slot-number pic pic-number adaptive-services service-package extension-provider] hierarchy level:

[edit chassis fpc slot-number pic pic-number adaptive-services service-package]extension-provider {syslog {facility {severity;destination destination;}}}

Note: When the extension-provider statement is first configured, the PIC reboots. After that, changing system log settings does not cause the PIC to reboot.

Each system log message belongs to a facility, which is a group of messages that are either generated by the same software process or concern a similar condition or activity. Each message is also preassigned a severity level, which indicates how seriously the triggering event affects router functions.

For the JUNOS SDK, there are four values for the facility statement that log either actions performed or errors encountered by the following entities:

  • daemon—Various system processes.
  • external—Local external applications.
  • kernel—The PIC kernel.
  • pfe—The Packet Forwarding Engine.

The severity statement has the same values as it does in the native JUNOS Software. See Table 1 for possible values.

Table 1: Severity Levels for SDK Syslog Messages




Include all severity levels.


Disable logging of the associated facility to a destination.


System panic or other condition that causes the routing platform to stop functioning.


Conditions that require immediate correction, such as a corrupted system database.


Critical conditions, such as hard errors.


Error conditions that generally have less serious consequences than errors in the emergency, alert, and critical levels.


Conditions that warrant monitoring.


Conditions that are not errors but might warrant special handling.


Events or nonerror conditions of interest.

Enhancements to the existing infrastructure make debugging on the Multiservices PIC easier by giving the user the option of redirecting the log messages to either the Routing Engine (routing-engine) or to the console of the PIC (pic-console).

The user does not have to specify a destination for the messages; by default all messages go to the /var/log directory on the Routing Engine. When the syslog destination is configured to redirect the log messages to the Routing Engine, you can use the set system syslog command, a command available in the native JUNOS Software CLI, to override the syslog settings made on the Multiservices PIC.

To record or view system log messages on a specific PIC, include the syslog statement. System log information is passed to the Routing Engine and put in the /var/log directory.

Published: 2010-05-09