Technical Documentation

Configuring the Service Order for JUNOS SDK Service Sets

The service order is the order in which services are applied for a given service set.

To configure the service order, include the service-order statement at the [edit services service-set service-set-name extension-service] hierarchy level.

[edit]services {service-set service-set-name {extension-service service-name1;extension-service service-name2;service-order {forward-flow [ service-name1 service-name2 ];reverse-flow [ service-name1 service-name2 ];}}}

Note: If the extension-service statement is specified, the service-order statement is mandatory. Service order should not be configured for native JUNOS internal services. For the internal services, there is a default service order.

The service-order statement must include all services defined in the service set. It is mandatory to specify the forward-flow service order and the reverse-flow service order. If the reverse-flow service order is not specified, the reverse-flow order is the reverse of the forward-flow service order. The exception to this is for the sampling service set type. If a service set is a sampling service set and the reverse-flow service order is not configured, all sampled traffic is considered to be forward traffic.

To change the service order, delete the service order elements and then add them again in the new order.

Published: 2010-05-09