Technical Documentation

Tracing Process Monitoring Operations for JUNOS SDK Applications

The process health monitor process (pmond) is the central monitoring process for JUNOS SDK applications. It tracks resource usage and performs actions on processes when they trigger certain events (for example, when there is a runaway process event or when low-water or high-water resource marks are exceeded). Process monitoring ensures that SDK applications are operating appropriately and provides an interface for operators to monitor the impact of their SDK applications on the Routing Engine.

To trace process monitoring operations, include the process-monitor statement at the [edit system processes] hierarchy level:

[edit]system {processes {process-monitor {disable;traceoptions {file filename files number match regex size size (world-readable | no-world-readable);flag flag;level level;no-remote-trace;}}}}

The traceoptions statement is the only container statement at the [edit system processes process-monitor] hierarchy level. The available flags for the traceoptions statement include:

  • all—Enable all trace options flags.
  • process-tracking—Display process life-cycle events and parent/child pedigree changes.
  • heartbeat—Display heartbeat updates from applications.
  • ui—Display tracing messages for UI operational commands.

Published: 2010-05-09