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Configuring Flow Affinity on the Data Plane

As of JUNOS Release 9.5, the Services SDK (a module of the JUNOS SDK) supports flow affinity behavior for the data CPUs. Flow affinity distribution is based on a hash distribution. Flow affinity is already the default behavior for the control CPUs, but the default behavior for distributing data packets over data cores is in a round-robin fashion.

You can change the default behavior for the data cores from round-robin to flow affinity by adding the data-flow-affinity statement at the [edit chassis fpc slot-number pic slot-number adaptive-services service-package extension-provider] hierarchy level.

Some JUNOS SDK applications may need you to set the hash-key statement (consult application-specific documentation). The options for the hash-key statement are 3-tuple hashing (source IP, destination IP address, and IP protocol) or 5-tuple hashing (3-tuple plus source and destination TCP or UDP ports). If the hash-key statement is not configured, the default value is 5-tuple. There is no need to differentiate the hashing between control and data traffic.

Note: When the extension-provider statement is first configured, the PIC reboots. Either adding or removing the data-flow-affinity statement causes the PIC to reboot.

Published: 2010-05-09

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