Technical Documentation

Using the extension show Command to Display SDK Configuration by Package Name

The extension package-name show command selects configurations contributed by and leading to the package named in the command.

Output from show Command

In the following example, only the sdk-backup-server statement at the [edit system radius-server] hierarchy level and the sdk-proto1 statement at the [edit system protocols] hierarchy level are contributed by the SDK application package sdk-pkg1:

user@host# showsystem {radius-server { {timeout 10;sdk-backup-server; # Contributed by sdk-pkg1}}}protocols {ospf {....}sdk-proto1 { # Contributed by sdk-pkg1....}}

Output from extension show Command

Following is the output from the extension sdk-pkg1 show command:

user@host# extension sdk-pkg1 showsystem {radius-server { {sdk-backup-server;}}}protocols {sdk-proto1 {....}}

The extension sdk-pkg1 show command filters out the timeout and ospf commands from the displayed output, which were not contributed by the sdk-pkg1 package.

Published: 2010-05-09