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Displaying and Deleting the Configuration for JUNOS SDK Applications

To display or delete the configuration for a specific SDK application package, use the extension package-name (show | delete) configuration mode command:

user@host# extension package-name (show | delete) <section>

The extension command filters for SDK application configuration statements based on the package named in the extension package-name (show | delete) command starting at the top of the configuration hierarchy, or, if you use the section option, starting at the hierarchy level (statement path) specified by section.

Note: Remove all the soon-to-be invalid configurations before removing the SDK application package.

Before removing SDK application packages, use the extension package-name show command to display the entire configuration contributed by the named package. Then use the extension package-name delete command to remove all configuration statements for that package.

Use the extension show and extension delete commands to select for, or filter, configurations differently, as explained in the following topics.

Published: 2010-05-09

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