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Configuring Link Management Protocol Peers

After you set up traffic engineering links, configure LMP network peers with the peer peer-name statement at the [edit protocols link-management] hierarchy level. A peer is the network device with which your routing platform communicates and establishes an FA-LSP. Designate a peer name, configure the peer router ID as the address (often a loopback address), and apply the traffic engineering link to be associated with this peer. Remember to configure both sides of a peering relationship to enable bidirectional communication.

Unlike GMPLS, you must not configure a control channel for a peer. If you include a control channel, the commit operation fails.

[edit]protocols {link-management {peer peer-name { # Configure the name of your network peer.address ip-address; # Include the router ID of the peer.te-link te-link-name; # Assign a TE link to this peer.}}}

Published: 2010-04-15