Technical Documentation

Overview of RIP Neighbor Properties

To define neighbor-specific properties, include one or more of the following statements.

neighbor neighbor-name {authentication-key password;authentication-type type;bfd-liveness-detection {authentication {algorithm algorithm-name;key-chain key-chain-name;loose-check;}detection-time {threshold milliseconds;}minimum-interval milliseconds;minimum-receive-interval milliseconds;transmit-interval {threshold milliseconds;minimum-interval milliseconds;}multiplier number;version (0 | 1 | automatic);}(check-zero | no-check-zero);import [ policy-names ];message-size number;metric-in metric;receive receive-options;send send-options;}

For a list of hierarchy levels at which you can include these statements, see the statement summary sections for these statements.

For more information about configuring RIP neighbor properties, see the following topics:

Published: 2010-04-14