Technical Documentation

Configuring the PTSP Application

You can configure the PTSP client application to work with the Session and Resource Control (SRC) peer to centrally manage packet-triggered subscribers and services. PTSP requests address and service authorizations from the remote SRC peer (the SAE), activates and deactivates services as specified by the SAE, logs out subscribers as specified by the SAE, and synchronizes subscriber state and service information with the SAE. The PTSP application also performs statistics collection and reporting.

To configure the PTSP application:

  1. Configure the PTSP partition.

    See Configuring the PTSP Partition.

  2. Assign the PTSP partition.

    See Assigning the PTSP Partition.

  3. Configure statistics collection and reporting.

    See Tracing Packet-Triggered Subscriber Operations.

Published: 2010-04-15