Technical Documentation

Configuring the JCS Switch Module

The JCS switch module in the JCS chassis connects JCS Routing Engines to a T Series router. For redundancy, the JCS chassis includes two JCS switch modules. The JCS switch module is preconfigured with defaults, and the configuration should not be changed. A script is available to complete switch configuration. This script enables you to configure the following items on the switch module:

  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)—The JCS switch module does not have a real-time clock. You must configure NTP so that the system clock on the JCS switch module has the correct time. The script sets the IP address for the NTP server, enables the NTP server, and sets the time zone for the switch module.
  • SNMP traps—The script also configures SNMP trap information for the switch module. This includes setting the SNMP community name and type and specifying alert recipients.

For more information on the JCS switch configuration script, see the JUNOS Release Notes.

Note: JCS switch module configuration is not replicated across switch modules. You must run the configuration script on both JCS switch modules.

Published: 2010-04-12